On occasion my forks are to short, Do I need to buy new forks?

No – Not necessarily! Fork extensions are a quick and inexpensive answer to a fork length problem.

Can I put holes in my forks for towing?

No, according to SABS standards it is not acceptable to put holes in your forks.

Can I safely use pallets on my forklift to elevate my employees?

No – SABS requires a safety man basket to elevate employees at all times.

How often do I need to have my forklift serviced?
It depends on how often you are using it and under what circumstances (for example, a forklift that is used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week will need servicing more often than one used only 2 days per week). In general, however, we recommend a service at least every 250 hours or once a year - whichever comes first.
How often does my forklift need to have new tires?
It depends on how often you use it, how heavy your loads are and whether you only run it on smooth surfaces such as concrete or outside on gravel or uneven surfaces. As a general rule, when there is less than one inch from the lettering on the tires to the top of the tires, it is time to change the tires. Remember than changing tires can actually reduce fatigue on the transmission of your forklift as well as operator fatigue. After a tire is worn 40%, the forklift and the driver are absorbing over 84% of the shock if it's being run over a rough surface. The transmission has to work much harder to turn the tires the same amount of rotation, which can result in a breakdown. Changing tires is an expensive way to keep your forklift and operator in good condition.
How can I load / un-load a container when I don't have a dock?
Use a Mobile Yard Ramp. A Mobile Yard Ramp is a safe and efficient way to load and un-load a container from ground level