A single forklift or multiple forklifts, the issue is still the same.

No business makes money while their product sits still. For many years, MNJ Forklifts has made it our business to assist and educate our forklift customers on the best way to keep their products rolling.

Are you in need of a forklift preventive maintenance program?

We have hundreds of customers forklifts that we successfully maintain, keeping their down time to a minimum and their operating costs at a minimum. Do you need a forklift service technician to visit your location to fix you forklift? We have a fleet of technicians to get to your door, usually within two hours. If your forklift repair is significant enough that it needs to come to our shop for repair, we have a dedicated flat bed to pick up and return your forklift when the repairs are complete.

We believe that successful forklift service and forklift maintenance require three things. First of all you must have competent forklift service technicians. With a large staff of experienced in house and radio dispatched, mobile fork lift service technicians, MNJ Forklifts is capable of repairing or maintaining any kind of forklift, no matter what size the job is. or whether your forklift is a petrol or diesel run forklift, LP forklift or an electric forklift, our skilled service technicians with an average of twenty years of forklift experience can fix your forklift and fix it right.

Second, you must have a competent and responsive forklift parts process. Correctly sourcing Nissan Forklift parts, or any other branded, generic or second hand parts is not something you learn over night. Having served this industry for many years, MNJ Forklifts has developed strong working relationships with our industry's parts suppliers that allows us to get parts quick and at reasonable prices.

The final, and certainly the most important factor in our success, is customer service.

We have worked hard over the years at developing a team that can deal with what our customers need. Our highly trained and focused customer service professionals can respond quickly and accurately to any and all of your fork lift service needs.

Why can we do this? 
Because we are MNJ Forklifts, we keep your product rolling!